Instructors & Staff

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Program Director  -  Charlsie Haire
Executive Committee  -  TESL Faculty and Students
Faculty Advisor - Dr. Tamara Warhol

Blog Designers - Russell Bellande, Corey Blount, LaRhonda Burns, Katherine Carr, Kenna Daniel, Stephanie Green, Tamar Karakozova, Ariadna Lugo Huerta, Anamaria Moore, Ann Paley, Jingjing Tu (TESL 630: Language Program Administration Class, Spring 2014)


The instructors in the CESL program are experienced language teachers from all over the world who volunteer to teach the community ESL classes. The instructors are now in the TESL Program at the University of Mississippi. The instructors combine their expertise in second language instruction with their diverse cultural backgrounds to create supportive and enjoyable classes every week.

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